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Bluefur's Kits


Suggested by 0MintyKitty0 on patreon!: 🤍 Cast: Bluefur: 🤍 Oakheart: 🤍 Spottedleaf: 🤍 Mistypaw: 🤍 Thrushpelt: 🤍 Crookedstar: Blueberry Sunstar: 🤍 Rosetail: Pigeon Song (no link listed) Speckletail: Vizavi 🤍

[Amv]Bluefur and Oakheart- Only if for a night


(c) song by Florence and the Machine (c) Characteres are Bluestar and Oakheart by Erin Hunter ( Warrior cats )

Rose-Tinted Bluefur


This is the last video I'll be able to make before my parents swoop in and take me away. Happy Holidays!

Rosetail's Gathering


Follow for more basically unchanged warrior cats scenes Cast: Rosetail: 🤍 Hailstar: 🤍 Oakheart: 🤍 Featherwhisker: 🤍 Bluefur: 🤍 Goldenflower: 🤍

Bluefur Plays Would You Rather


Haha edgy cats. Please do not reupload my videos.

Bluefur and Whitekit - My Mom AMV


Here it is! The final project for my animation course. I know I say this in most of my video descriptions, but I learned a lot while making this. You know that moment when you start off too ambitious and have to rush the last part? The opposite happened here! I thought this would take way longer to make so I rushed it in the beginning, but put more effort into it at the end when I noticed that I still had a lot of time left. Anyways, thanks for watching! Characters from Warriors Song: My Mom by Kimya Dawson Programs: Procreate and Cute Cut Animated by me

TOEWGMO - Bluestar PMV (cw: blood/death/gore; read description!)


cw: blood/death/gore, flashing images/light Audio: TOEWGMO by McCafferty (recently found out the lead singer is a Not Cool person +current band members were complicit in his bad actions :( former band members were ok and have their own band called Sister Sandy!) edit: 🚫 DO NOT REPOST MY VIDEOS ! YES EVEN IF U GIVE CREDIT. IM NOT COMFY WITH IT. just putting new audio over top of my video is a no. if u wanna share my vid just share the link. hell u could even download my yt vid n have it privately on ur computer just dont repost it online. THANK YOU Its sad bluestar hours… a lil look into bluestar’s anger during her last life and events that contributed to it alas full colour is time consuming and theres things i wish i couldve done more with in this pmv but overall eeee its done and pretty nifty !! tried a new brush like half way through the lineart lmao, but i like how it looks - LINKS: tumblr: 🤍 commissions: 🤍 kofi: 🤍 Some bluestar videos i looked at for insp check em out!: Catabolic Seed - Bok Bok Choy: 🤍 The Other Side of Paradise - Fireworkcat25: 🤍 Little Pistol - Niftysenpai: 🤍 Bruno is Orange - MAP hosted by calloutboy: 🤍

She Wants Me (to be loved) - Thrushpelt AMV


((Flashing lights warning at 0:56)) “Not all men—“ you're right, Thrushpelt Warrior Cats would never (lil edit: AAH YALL... THATS A LOT OF VIEWS (new edit: 1M VIEWS EXCUSE ME) THATS A SPICY MEATBALL hhh tysm for all the support aaa ! ! !) I wish the books had given us more thrush and blue being friends!!! Good friends!!! Best friends!!! Loved and cared for her and her kits and she loved him!! Not in the way he initially hoped for but it’s still love!! So here’s a video for our good boy thrushpelt right on time for valentines day 💕 09/27/2023 update: ✅ You can include my warrior cats/other fandom animations in EDITS as long as you credit me somewhere (🤍peppermint-moss) ❌ Please DO NOT include my OC/fursona etc. animations in edits. ❌ Just reposting my art/animations (e.g. reposting like half of an amv and just changing the audio) is Never Allowed even with credit Please don’t do that. Thank you to everyone who did respect my previous decision of not allowing edits before. I tried a lineless semi-limited animation/pmv vibe+ a focus on colours, which was really fun to work on!! I feel like the animation gets a lil weird lookin at times but i’ll live with it fkjdslh working in a lineless style is interesting; i didn’t exactly find it more difficult (in a lot of ways it actually went faster than colour+lineart), but it was p different n fun ————————— AUDIO: She Wants Me (To Be Loved) - The Happy Fits: 🤍 (outro song): Sailing - The Happy Fits: 🤍 PROGRAMS: photoshop for the art/frame by frame animation, premiere for editing/tweening LINKS: tumblr: 🤍 kofi: 🤍 commissions: 🤍 ————————— lil summary/clarification for u: 0:03 thrushpelt, rosetail, bluefur hang out. Rosetail teases thrushpelt about his crush and bluefur is oblivious 0:19 blue n thrush bein good friends… friends.. 0:22 kinda a representation of bluefur passing by Thunderclan cats that she could have taken for a mate, but she instead chooses to be with oakheart from riverclan. Thrushpelt is bummed (since this scene is more symbolic, i dont think thrushpelt actually knows who bluefur is mates with, all he knows is that it’s not him) 0:26 more best friend vibes 0:34 rosetail teases bluefur abt thrushpelt’s obvious crush on her. Blue feels embarrassed and a lil guilty 0:42 blue and thrush are on a nice walk! But blue is too wrapped up in her own thoughts between oakheart and thistleclaw and starclan’s prophecy on her shoulders… goosefeather gazes at her knowingly. Thrushpelt knows /something/ is up but what can he do? :( worried lad 0:58 blue tells thrush abt her kits she had with an unknown father. Thrushpelt offers to be a foster father if that would make it easier for her, the kits, and the clan to believe he was the father. Blue feels grateful but guilty abt not bein able to tell him the truth and sad that oak cant raise the kits with her 1:14 fun times with the kits!! 1:22 lil timeskip to leafbare, thrushpelt settles to sleep in the warriors den (bluefur’s anxiety goes unnoticed…) 1:29 dream sequence time ! thrushpelt dreams of some alternate reality where bluefur does reciprocate his feelings for her. They raise the kits as their biological parents (heyhey fun detail!! All of the features the kits inherited from oakheart are replaced with features that thrushpelt has 👀👀) 1:44 The dream takes on a colder tone. Bluefur takes no time to spend with thrushpelt, and thrushpelt cries out his heartbreak 1:50 Thrushpelt wakes, feeling guilty about his dream-outburst and does his best to shake it off. Meanwhile, something’s happened with bluefur….... Oblivious, thrushpelt settles his emotions and reminds himself that bein her friend is vv lovely and goes to bring her and the kits some freshkill 2:09 but when he arrives at the nursery all he finds is a heartbroken bluefur, no kits, and a hole torn through the nursery wall as if a fox had broken in during the night. 2:15 thunderclan searches for the kits, but to no avail. Bluefur has been very quiet the whole time and at last breaks down by thrushpelt’s side. Only she knows where she took her two surviving kits last night; to oakheart in riverclan. 2:28 not too long after, blue is named as deputy. Thistleclaw seethes with anger 2:32 time skip to when bluestar is the new leader of thunderclan! Thrushpelt is v proud of her !! but despite her new role in the clan she’s still good friends with thrushpelt !!! Outro shows blue grieving over thrush’s death, thrushpelt meeting mosskit in starclan and having all of blue’s secrets revealed to him, thrush and moss takin a lil daytrip to visit her siblings in riverclan, (lil headcanon time) thrush leading mistyfoot and stonefur to save bluestar while oakheart urges her to keep swimming, and thrushpelt/rest of bluestar’s loved ones greeting her in starclan

🌸 She || COMPLETE Rosetail and Bluefur MAP 🌸


oh yes!! finally, She is here!! I have always loved the RoseBlue ship ever since I read Bluestar’s Prophecy years ago! Rosetail is really just a side character, but I always admired her support, love, and care for her best friend. So I felt like I had to write a MAP about her, and then I decided to make it about the ship itself! This MAP explores Rosetail and Bluefur's relationship, following them as they first fall in love, then as they drift apart because of Thrushpelt and Oakheart. And then, finally, to them reconnecting during Bluestar’s deputyship/leadership, and at the end being able to live together forever in StarClan. Thank you so so so much to all of the artists for bringing my vision of this MAP to life!! it went sO INCREDIBLY SMOOTH, I was the only person who had to drop their part, and everyone was super good about staying in contact and asking for extensions when they needed them! Not to mention every single part looks bEAUTIFUL!!! THIS MAP LOOKS SO SO PRETTY!! Thank you so so much to all the artists again, please give them all your love and support bc they all deserve it (links to their channels down below)!!! And one more big thank you to everyone who joined the thumbnail contest, all of the entries look fANTASTIC and you all made it really difficult to choose!! Congrats to pokefan1241 for being the winner!!! please please go check out their channel, their art is beautiful: 🤍 Animators: 1. Darkyfoot | 🤍 2. Nightcry | 🤍 3. Starla Cat | 🤍 4. Faodraw | 🤍 5. Deermouse | 🤍 6. bluesubert | 🤍 7. sad uwugula | 🤍 8. Ameliaxdeg | 🤍 9. Martlewing studio | 🤍 10. Oreoshake | 🤍 11. Captaincinno | 🤍 12. powderseas | 🤍 13. Scooterloop | 🤍 14. Sunshine 2026 | 🤍 15. pokefan1241 | 🤍 16. Kendagi | 🤍 17. Kaiira | 🤍 18. Fiery Skies | 🤍 19. Jessie Animation | 🤍 20. WildPaws | 🤍 21. Kaybob | 🤍 22. kaiirose | 🤍 Songs are She by dodie and Instrumental by dodie Characters belong to Erin Hunter

Whitekit's reaction to Bluefur telling him his mother is dead.


Bam💥 Warriors - Bluestar's Prophecy: Snowfur won't be coming back [Animation] Link: 🤍 Subscribe!❤

Warriors - Bluestar's Prophecy: Snowfur won't be coming back [Animation]


Warriors - Bluestar's Prophecy: Snowfur won't be coming back [Animation] *Please do not edit or repost or translate my videos. Thanks* Bluefur tells Whitekit that Snowfur won't be coming back ;_;. All animation and all the voices were done by me! Music from Follow me on: Patreon: 🤍 tumblr: 🤍 deviantART: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 The brown cat is Robinwing. The tabby kitten is Tigerkit! And for those who don't know, Whitekit grows up to become Whitestorm. Thanks for watching! If there's a scene from Warriors you'd like me to make in the future, let me know in the comments!

Meet Me Inside || COMPLETE Fireheart & Bluestar MAP


oh man ! it's been 2 years of hard working ! And it's finally here 🙌! I'm so happy to see it done and thank everyone who decided to participate 💗 💗 _ The MAP is based on the scene where Fireheart wanted to convince Bluestar to back off the attack on WindClan, the fact that Bluestar was losing her mind at the time due to Tigerclaw's betrayal, the only person she could trust was Fireheart ANIMATORS: ❤ 1a.- 🤍MOON_BLAST ❤ 1b.- 🤍omegaarts9991 ❤ 2.- 🤍Lauritonas ❤ 3.- Miur ❤ 4.- 🤍brookyinu4993 ❤ 5.- singinmoe ❤ 6.- 🤍omegaarts9991 ❤ 7.- 🤍Kay9youtube ❤ 8.- 🤍lunarav3552 ❤ 9.- 🤍maple_coffee ❤ 10.- 🤍rin_moonlight3783 ❤ 11.- 🤍rin_moonlight3783 ❤ 12.- 🤍hitsku ❤ 13.- StarDust Art ❤ 14.- 🤍moonvelvet_4954 ❤ Thumbnail by 🤍teekonu ☆ Characters are Bluestar and Fireheart from book named ,,Warrior Cats'' by Erin Hunter ☆ Designs by Moon Blast (me) ☆ Meet Me Inside by the Cast of Hamilton ☆ Orginal by Noodlers - 🤍 ☆ Orginal MAP call - 🤍 #warriors #map

Bluefur And Snowfur [] Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition


Bluefur and Snowfur, the 2 cats that started out as good sisters and friends, but after the death of their mother Moonflower, their relationships have altered. But they soon were able to coop after knowing what the right path to take was. Music - Inspire: 🤍 Owner Of The Characters: Erin Hunter (authors of the Warrior Cats Book Series and many other published books). Characters: Blue(star)fur and Snowfur. Interested in checking out the . . . WCUE Discord Server: 🤍 WCUE Roblox Game: 🤍 WCUE Official Twitter: 🤍 Blueberry Twitter: 🤍 Blueberry Discord Server: 🤍 [Tags for exploring more useful content within related categories!] #warriorcats​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #warriorcatsultimateedition​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #roblox​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #wcue #games

Bluestar's Skyfall


♥*♡+:。.。 Links and silly self-promooooo below!!! 。.。:+♡*♥ ••• Consider supporting my channel? I have a Patreon where I do private streams and post wips/early access of videos and comic pages! 🤍 ••• Check out my discord to be notified when I post videos, comics pages, send gift art, or to get access to collab projects I host!: 🤍 ♥*♡+:。.。 Business email 。.。:+♡*♥ »»—— Realynngustin🤍 ♥*♡+:。.。 Other places to find me 。.。:+♡*♥ »»—— Patreon: GinjaNinjaOwO 🤍 »»—— Discord: 🤍 »»——Tapas: 🤍 »»——Twitter: ActuallyRea 🤍 »»——Instagram: Skitea 🤍 »»—— Crowdmade: 🤍 »——Deviantart: Skitea 🤍

Hiding In The Blue | Animation Meme | Bluestar


WE LOVED THIS MEME FROM ITS FIRST VIEW !! Louixie, everything is gorgeous as always! :'DD -— Links/Ссылки: Группа ВК c артами - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Группа ВК канала - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 — Original - 🤍 — Теги для привлечения внимания/Tags to attract attention: Meme Animatic Animation Fly Meme Ьуьу Hamildog Video Cartoon Animation Меме meme ьуьу animatic animation ears Elza tags more hamildog video cartoon cat furry Fedor Furry Meme Warriors OC Cats warriors_cats Коты_воители Comix Коты Воители Cat War Time Warriors Kate Cary Else Brightheart Яроликая Яролика Шип Огнезвёзд Крутобок Клубок Огонёк Огнегрив Fenix Firestar Graypaw Graystripe Песчаная Буря Sandkit Sandpaw Sandstorm Marble Soda Drea PET GRAYSTRIPE Аниматик Анимация Мультик Кэри Кейт Книга Book MIkasa Бич Кроха Scourge Tiny Short film Breezepelt Breezepaw Ветерок Грач Crowfeather Буран Синяя Снеголапка ArtBlock Art Block Studio АртБлок Арт Блок Студио Студия Beastars Hawkfrost Hawkpaw Bramblestar Brambleclaw Tigerclaw Tigerstar LongTail Lionbalze Jayfeather Short Shortpocalypse Scourge PMV

Bluestar - Coyote


"But beware! Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water." Whenever I make Warriors content, I really seem to have a niche of "symbolic imagery of lawful paragon-esque characters having psychedelic mental breakdowns set to music about canids." I have no idea what this says about me. Anywho: Coyote! I've been working on this thing since August despite being only a third of the length of The Wolf, it took me almost double the time. I also ended up losing my Opentoonz file when I was almost done that sure didn't help! Luckily I draw everything in Photoshop and just import it, or it could've been much, much worse. The song used is Coyote, by Mako, which is just as gorgeous as its music video (which I took some inspiration from). Make sure to listen to the full song! Your ears will thank you. I'm sure most Warriors fans know the story of Bluestar! I focused less on the lyrics of the music and more the vibe that it gave me, and decided to just go crazy with the symbolism, hence why everyone looks so odd and styled. Some cats aren't even cats! Can you figure out who everyone is, and why they were drawn the way they were? I'd love to hear your interpretations! : ) Overall, I do feel that it's not my best work, but it was very experimental and my first longer project in Opentoonz, and I feel that it's as good as it can be at the moment. I think in the future I'd like to rely less on tweening and more on limited animation (with tweening mostly on the backgrounds or camera, as in my parts for Mama's Gun or Zephyrus). Regardless, it holds a fond place in my heart for what it represents, and I'm glad to finish it. I hope you enjoy!

Bluefur and Snowfur MAP: Satisfied (Parts 31 and 32)


Here are my last MAP parts for the year! I got lazy at the end... MAP: 🤍 Characters: Oakheart, Stonekit, Mistykit, Mosskit, Bluestar, Snowfur, Whitestorm, Redtail, Lionheart, Spottedleaf Song: Satisfied (Hamilton)

I want to be your boyfriend | Warriors MAP | 17 part | Bluefur & Snowfur


Map - 🤍 programs : Ibis paint x & Alight Motion inst : Valenok_305 group VK : 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 #meme #animation #cats #animation_meme #animatic #arts #warriorsscats #catsart #meme #animation #cats #animation_meme #animatic #arts #warriorsscats #catsart #meme #animation #cats #animation_meme #animatic #arts #warriorsscats #catsart #Map #warriorsscats

how oakheart and bluefur met


oh hello this is totally accurate i have returned with a video! my next video will be something a little different, also 1000 subscribers!? when tf did this happen!? audio used 🤍

Bluefur Tribute


[PMV] Bluestar's Prophecy - Unbreakable


[EDIT] About the scene where Snowfur run on the thunderpath, I know that she was chasing Shadowclan's warriors, but I didn't show that part because my teacher never read that book and I wanted her to understand that Bluefur indirectly causes her death. It's the same thing about the scene where Thistleclaw hits Bluefur, I know it doesn't happen but it's to show the anger Thistleclaw had against her. it'S FINALLY DONE OMG! This PMV is in fact a school project and I had one month to do it, so I'm super glad that I succeed to finish it at time! It's my first full PMV and I'm kind of proud of the result even if I would have liked to have more time and to do a more complex product ;w; Anyway, enjoy! (I had to reupload it because I forgot to change some things ^^') Very specials thank you to: Samantha Babinski for all the beautiful backgrounds, some colo and her incredible support through this project! Her dA account: 🤍 Blizzardrunner for the precious help she provides with the colo of the characters! Her dA account: 🤍 chatwilli777 who did the drawing of the car and who helps me with some colo! His dA account: 🤍 Softwares: Paint Tool SAI Sony Vegas Pro Credit: Bluestar's Prophecy and all the characters shown belongs to Erin Hunter The song is Unbreakable by Josh Kramer You can find me on: DeviantArt: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍melo_draws Warriors Amino: 🤍melo3001

Perfect // mini-PMV WC // Thrushpelt and Bluefur


Hi! As usual, I have no idea what to write here, but you hold on Characters (by Erin Hunter): Thrushpelt Bluefur Oakheart Song- Perfect (by Ed Sheeran)

All Is Found | COMPLETE Warrior Cats Bluestar MAP


Happy Mothers Day!! :D OMGGG WE DID IT!! After months of hard work and changes, here’s my VERY FIRST completed Warriors MAP!! I’m just so excited to share this with y’all!! It is about the super edition « Bluestar’s Prophecy », hope you will like it Poor Bluestar :( The audio is from « All is Found » from Frozen II, Disney Studios (2019). The characters used for this MAP belong to Erin Hunter! The designs for this MAP were created by Roseshards, Fleur de Sureau, and me!! I couldn’t thank enough all the participants of this multi animator project! Go support them, they deserve the world! :) Part 1 : DedushkaSeed Part 2: Secretcorgii + Wolfie’s Wild Creations! + Amaya’s Studio Part 3: CoryXVbloom Part 4: LYO Part 5: Wolfie’s Wild Creations! Part 6: cott.creatures Part 7: Araya Jay Part 8: BL0SSOM-05 Part 9: Amaya’s Studio Part 10: Abeyitt Part 11: cott.creatures + Foxleyx Part 12: Le Studio d’Alissia Part 13: Wolfie’s Wild Creations! Part 14: Wolfie’s Wild Creations! Part 15: Foxleyx Part 16: Abeyitt Part 17: LadySandbox Thumbnail contest participants: - DedushkaSeed - Yin-Yang my beloved - CJ - fire wolfy - H E A T H E R - wiosennykwiat - bwc cat - •Ghøst• Thumbnail contest winner is DedushkaSeed! :D Thanks for watching, I wish you a lovely day ❤️

Shattered○A Completed Bluefur and Sunstar PMV MAP○


Shattered is focused around Sunstar's and Bluefur's relationship. However, it is a small au where their bond is even stronger to the point where Bluefur even tells Sunstar about what really happened to her kits and the romance with Oakheart. Sunstar really deserves more love and more development. _ It's finally here guys! After six long months, IT'S HERE- For a second I was afraid the map will never be completed due to the fact that people started dropping BUT the amazing backups came and saved the day! But don't forget about all these incredibly talented artists that made the map come to life! _ Intro - Lavender Kitten - 🤍 Part 1 - DoveDoodles - 🤍 Part 2 - Kaiira - 🤍 Part 3 - Drink Bleach - 🤍 Part 4 - Clovereyes - 🤍 Part 5 - Cookie Lord - 🤍 Part 6 - Needlemoon - 🤍 Part 7 - maagiline banaan - 🤍 Part 8 - Random Animations - 🤍 Part 9 - Flare Strikes31 - 🤍 Part 10 - Pøppynight Draws and SUNRISE STUDIOS - 🤍 Part 11 - DaMoomin - You're here :3 Part 12 - PandorasBlox - 🤍 Part 13 - Maple heart - 🤍 Part 14 - Tyger draws - 🤍 Part 15 - Fish Berry - 🤍 Part 16 - FallingoverRain - 🤍 Part 17 - Zenginista - 🤍 Part 18 - WillowHeart Warriors - 🤍 Part 19 - 13Blackcats - 🤍 Part 20 - Mewdooles - 🤍 Part 21 - Tokahru - 🤍 Part 22 - Snaketail OwO - 🤍 Part 23 - Needlemoon - 🤍 _ Thumbnail contest participants: Winner: Aspen - 🤍 Crazy Pony Lover - 🤍 Aqua Draw - 🤍 Sirpale_xX - 🤍 Chloe Hatler - 🤍 IvyFrost OwO - 🤍 Zappernations - 🤍 Pineapplix - 🤍 Gabbie 19 - 🤍 Mags M Arts - 🤍 Glenn Lum - 🤍 Pawiizz - 🤍 Sprxng - 🤍 Needlemoon - 🤍 Music - Shattered by Trading Yesterday Credit Music - In Love With A Liar by Green Or Blue

Go little Rock star~|Bluefur & Mosskit-Sad^warning||I am OBSESSED with this Audio||Creds in desc]


Here is da Credits: Bluefur and Moss kit picture: Shadowstar-12 Artist-From:| Bluefur and Moss kit, Animation: Artist-Still finding out Have a good Day yall

speedpaint | bluefur with kittens


full artwork: 🤍 music: message to bears - mountains characters from the book Warrior Cats: Bluefur, Mosskit, Mistykit and Stonekit - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - programs used: - photoshop CС2017 (for drawing) - premiere pro CC2017 (for editing speedpaint) - OBS (for recording) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - find me: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Someone Like You- Bluefur/Oakheart MAP Part 9


I just finished Bluestar's Prophecy so this was perfect timing lmao Here's part 9 for frankie b catt's "Someone Like You" Bluefur/Oakheart MAP!!! I absolutely LOVE Newsies and Warriors, so this is gonna be an awesome MAP For MAPs that require animation, I'm trying to do more. While it doesn't always turn out the way I wanted it to, I feel like this is a good way to gain more experience. So yeah, more animation haha Thank you for letting me join this MAP, and I hope you all like it!! - Deviantart: Jomadis Original MAP (closed): 🤍 Characters in order of appearance: Stormtail, Shellheart, Rosetail, Beetlenose, Talltail, Snowfur, Thistleclaw (all background), Oakheart, Bluefur Programs used- FireAlpaca and Sony Vegas Pro 14 I do not plan to make a profit off of this video, I do not own the music and I am utilizing it under fair use

Bluefur | Our Dogs Still Wait [Complete 72hr Warriors MAP]


Our Dogs Still Wait is a Warriors MAP revolving around Bluefur’s forbidden relationship with Oakheart. Because of strict laws prohibiting inter-Clan relationships, the two are only able to spend one night together. Afterwards, Bluefur must put her relationship behind her to focus on her destiny — becoming leader of ThunderClan. Warriors, or Warrior Cats, is a fantasy book series by Erin Hunter about Clans of cats who live in the woods. MAP stands for multi-animator project — a collaboration between many artists and animators to create a short animated story or music video. Subscribe to the animators who made this possible! 1 - 🤍gryffynz 2 - 🤍millfreddo4953 3 - 🤍isopod122 4 - 🤍SnugMuffinn 5 - 🤍middensommer 6 - 🤍middensommer 7 - 🤍Russetmask 8 - 🤍stitchedspider1760 9 - 🤍Lavenderp 10 - 🤍SunnyWings 11 - 🤍sorryslonk 12 - 🤍sorryslonk, 🤍Russetmask, and 🤍PrenumbralTrance Credits - 🤍Eqqnoq and 🤍Coraine Thumbnail - 🤍Lavenderp Flesh puddle - 🤍sra The song, Our Dogs Still Wait, is in reference to dogs in Minecraft which will wait, indefinitely, for the player to return. Take what you will from this in reference to Bluefur and Oakheart. Support the musician! 🤍

| Your eyes are like sapphires | Bluefur and Oakheart |


Merry Christmas! I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays! I wanted to do something with this audio and I thought Bluefur and Oakheart were perfect for it. Audio: 🤍

Rewrite the stars - RoseTail x BlueFur 💙🌹✨ [``Warrior cats edit]


Audio - 🤍 Lyrics - 🤍

(flash warning) Warriors Cats//Blue Star|Bluefur - "Ocean Eyes"


-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Program//Sony Vegas PRO 16 Song(cover)// 🤍 ORIGINAL ANIMATION//🤍 -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Someone like you | oakheart + bluefur MAP | part 3


Oof I tried my best, but tweening that arm was absolute hell. I like how the rest of it turned it though! Map link - 🤍

Stay The Night || Bluefur & Oakheart PMV


So yesterday I decided to make a PMV and now here we are... I'm not really sure how this happened... Have a PMV about Bluefur and Oakheart... I had the idea about a year ago and emailed Stassi to ask if I could use the song! She kindly said yes but she's probably forgotten now! She's very talented so you should give her some love! OH BY THE WAY I MADE A PATREON: 🤍 I'll probably make a video about it later? Maybe “Stay the Night” - by Zedd cover perfomed by Stassi She is very talented you should go check her out! Bluefur and Oakheart are characters from the “Warriors” book series written by Erin Hunter ☆ You can also follow me elsewhere here (if you like!!): dA: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Webcomic: 🤍

Starclan's Chosen [Bluefur] COMPLETE - Part 9A


Honored to be a part of the project! This part was completed on April 23 and I've finally decided to post it. A major inspiration for making this moment was the snowstorms in Bambi. I took some derivation from the original script. I wanted the part to feel continuous from the neighboring parts + I felt it was more impactful if the audience felt more like a spectator while Bluefur had a quiet moment with Mosskit. You can see her two other kits in the first & last shot, but I wanted the main focus to be on Bluefur's grief. There's some subtle details I included in that second shot (her paw stroking Mosskit and her breath suggested by a friend). I look forward to the final project :] PART INFO Finished MAP: TBA MAP Call Link: 🤍 Script: Angry at all the things, angry at all the things I can't change Bluefur has to console a distressed Stonekit and Mistykit to continue moving, eventually meeting up with Oakheart at the riverside. MUSIC USED Hand Of God (Outro) by Jon Bellion

everything stays - bluefur pmv


For a while, I've had the idea to make a Bluestar's Prophecy project to this song but I've been procrastinating on it lmao but here she isss! I think this is the most detailed background I've ever made woah Bluestar's Prophecy is probably one of my favorite Warrior Cat Books Cats Featured: Bluekit/Bluefur, Snowkit, Moonflower, and Whitekit

warrior cats Snowfur and Bluefur/edit/(art not mine Credits in desc)#shorts #fyp #warriorcats °old°


⚠️ Maps Names:⚠️ Snowfur x Thistleclaw: CRIMINAL - Animated Picutre Music Video YOUTH [Completed Bluestar PMV MAP] GOLDEN AGE OF WARRIORS MAP Lullaby for a Princess ⭐ Complete Warriors MAP Old video

YOUTH【Complete Bluestar PMV MAP】


"Hi guys! Ghostlantern here. Let me just start off by saying /wow/. Watching this almost put me into tears, all of the hard effort and work Rosie and I put into kickstarting this project has really paid off - it turned out phenomenally. I want to make a huge thanks to Rosie, for supporting and helping me brandish this idea for a MAP. What originally started off as a PMV that would have most likely been abandoned, has flourished into a gorgeous MAP that I am so proud to have been part in developing. My midnight dance has turned into a gorgeous masterpiece with not just Rosie's help, but with each individual supporter and MAP animator within the project. Thank you for making a dream of mine become true - I'm so unbelievably grateful for all the hard work and effort put into this MAP. It was well worth every struggle, wait, and all the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this MAP. It looks breathtakingly beautiful and I'm getting emotional every time I watch it. Thank you so much for your help, everyone, I can't express my gratitude enough. And thank you, Rosie, for being an amazing animator, co-host, and friend. Your support has meant the world to me and to this MAP - it would not have turned out as amazing and gorgeous without your help. " - GhostLantern ( 🤍 ) A special thanks to NeonFiire for making this MAP's beautiful thumbnail - 🤍 ...and to all of the introductory/scene artists who drew us the stunning drawings for the MAP's intro. Doodlyz - 🤍 CrystalCalico - 🤍 GypsyDragonZephyr - 🤍 Great-Comet - 🤍 Pitfallfox - 🤍 Reximo - 🤍 Moondoodles7 - 🤍 ...and our hugest thank you goes out to the animators/artists who brought this MAP to life by taking a part in our MAP. They can all be found here: 🤍 Thank you everyone!

"Youth" ( Snowfur AMV )


English : Wow. This is finally finished. I'm... I'm exhausted. I never take much time for an AMV. But... for this. Oh my gosh this is the first time that I take 2 months for only one project. I'm so happy that it is done. Well, Main characters are Snowfur, Thistleclaw aaaaand.... Bluefur. Yes. I have not animated her when she chased Thistleclaw of starclan... But I hope you like it even if there is not this scene in the amv :) Oh, I would thank to Moonlight Shadow ( 🤍 ) because her Thistleclaw amv " Walking Dream" inspired me :) Français : edit : traduction des paroles ajoutée Wow. C'est enfin finit. Je suis... je suis épuisée. Je n'ai jamais pris beaucoup de temps pour une amv. Mais... pour celle-ci. Oh mon dieu, c'est la première fois que je prend deux mois pour seulement un seul projet. Je suis tellement contente de l'avoir fini. Bien. Les Personnages principaux sont Pelage de Neige, Griffe d'Epines, eeeett.... Lune Bleu. Oui, je ne l'ai pas animé lorsqu'elle chasse Griffe d'Epines du clan des etoiles. Oh, et je voudrais remercier Moonlight Shadow ( 🤍 ) car son amv m'a inspirée pour cette animation :)

MEET ME INSIDE// Bluestar and Fireheart


More hamilton not sorry also not bad for Climb's first real animation ehh?? hopefully we'll start adding in little bits here and there as we go~ EDIT :// we've gotten a lot of comments saying that this was probably after Tigerclaw's betrayal and during Bluestar's descent into madness, and/or that this was based on the scene when Bluestar was trying to attack Windclan. I 900% disagree with you guys. Washington (Bluestar) is completely in control of his emotions unlike Hamilton (Fireheart). This is NOT based on any specific scene, but it's definitely before the end of Forest of Secrets when Bluestar is still level-headed and clear. CLIMB Storyboard, Lineart, Character Color, Shading, Designs, Backgrounds Deviantart: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 HOXAU Lineart, Character Colors, Shading, Some Backgrounds, Editing + Text Deviantart: 🤍 Furaffinity: 🤍 BENTSPOONS Character Colors Deviantart: 🤍 LUKEY CHARMS Character Color Youtube: 🤍 Deviantart: 🤍 _ Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter Meet Me Inside by the Cast of Hamilton Fonts Used: Caslon Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere _ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Bluefur and Oakheart (Warrior Cats Speedpaint)


AAaaaaaaaa I love these lil babes so much! They were such an adorable couple! I was super sad that things worked out how they did between the two ): This was the scene where Bluefur found Oakheart sleeping on ThunderClan territory and attacks him, then ends up falling in the river. This was such a cute scene ^.^ Have I mentioned how much I love Oakheart? Not just in Bluestar's Prophecy, but also in Crookedstar's Promise. He was very loyal to his brother, and a great warrior! I wish we could have seen him more in the main series, but oF COURSE HE DIES IN THE FIRST CHAPTER SO (((((::::: THIS IS FINE Hope you like it! Programs Used: Photoshop Elements 13 (art) Windows Movie Maker (editing) Hypercam 2 (Recording) Song Used: Crescent City- Youngblood Brass Band Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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