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Extreme moments in HMB (Historical Medieval Battle). Part 2


Extreme moments in HMB (Historical Medieval Battle). ­ Find out more information about HMB:



It was at the Battle of the Nations 2019 that the first mass battle of 150 vs 150 took place in history on the territory of the Smederevo Fortress in Serbia. All banners (30 fighters union) for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nation 2019 were formed in advance. Almost 40 countries gathered in 11 banners by geographical location and friendly relationships. Have a look at the live stream recording of the whole 150 vs 150 battle - 🤍 🤍 - Battle of the Nations website 🤍 - official HMBIA resource

Medieval Helmet Сrash Test. Supported by HMBIA


Helmet VS Halberd. Crash test What is a real problem in HMB: dangerous weapon or bad quality armor? That is the question this crash test held in Sunnyvale (CA, USA) should answer to. The main point of the experiment: try to break through the dome bascinet halberd, made in one of the workshops of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). The crash test is headed by HMBIA (HMB International Association) marshal Eric Fick. The process is followed by the Head of HMBIA Marshals` Committee Alexander Davydov. Technical characteristics of the helmet: - the dome was made of non-hardened carbon steel 0.3%, -the thickness of the dome itself was 2.5 - 3mm, -the sides were 2 mm thick. Find out more information about HMB:

Russia National Team. Battle of the Nations


Russia National Team. Battle of the Nations. Team Russia was formed in 2010. It consists of 50 fighters from different cities of the country, namely Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad and others, who are representatives of clubs "Bern", "Bayard", "PLK_TO", "Western Tower", "Southern Outpost", "Nuremberg". In its core are winners of the national qualifying tournament which is held annually within the preparation of the national team from December to March. In addition, according to the decision of the organizing committee, fighters who demonstrate very good results are invited as well. Team Russia's achievements concerning the World Championship "Battle of the Nations": - 4 first places in the 21 vs 21 category (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013); - 4 first places in the 5 vs 5 category (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013); - 3 second places in the 5 vs 5 category (2011, 2012, 2013); - 4 third places in the 5 vs 5 category (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013); - 4 first places in the 1 vs 1 category (2010, 2011. 2012, 2013); - 3 second places in the 1 vs 1 category (2010, 2011, 2013); - 3 third places in the 1 vs 1 category (2010, 2011, 2012). Team's captain is Dmitry Trostin (🤍 P.S "Competition in HMB circles is becoming stronger and realities of "Battle of the Nations" demand a lot from our team, as we are HMB leaders at the moment. Every year we try to raise our combat level, try to win in a fair way, work on implementation of the «fair-play» principles in buhurts in Russia and all around the world. Cohesion, fidelity and respect for opponents are our basic principles»(c) Dmitry Trostin

Extreme moments in HMB (Historical Medieval Battle). Part 1


Extreme moments in HMB (Historical Medieval Battle). Find out more information about HMB:

The hardest KO at M-1 Medieval!


Knockputs during knights' fights are very rare, but when they happen, they look very impressive! Subscribe to M-1 Global - official Youtube Channel. Last MMA videos, fights, promo, interviews with fighters. Enjoy the Show! M-1 Russia Youtube - 🤍 Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 Subscribe to our Instagram - 🤍 Read latest MMA news on FB - 🤍 Watch live events and archive videos free - 🤍

Изменения в правилах HMBIA. Уже на Buhurt Next и на Buhurt Prime.


Вместе с Сергеем Богоненко, главой комитетов судейства и аутентичности, разбираем важные изменения в правилах командных боев Поддержать канал 🤍 Тайм коды: 00:00:00 Изменения в правилах 00:01:28 Лекции по судейству и правилам 00:04:45 Касание ристалища во время броска 00:09:03 Потеря какого снаряжения не критична 00:10:40 Как принимать оружие у ассистента 00:12:52 Действия при потере оружия 00:14:10 Неактивный клинч 00:16:55 Действия бойца выведенного из боя 00:19:21 Действия препятствующие проведению соревнований 00:21:48 Размеры ристалища 00:25:00 Не боевые члены команды 00:29:59 Определение команды-победителя 00:35:50 Касание руками бойца выведенного из боя Правила "Командные бои " 2022 🤍 Регламент "Командные бои" 2022 🤍 Сергей Богоненко: 🤍 🤍 Максим Юн. Клуб "Берн" Команда "Старые друзья"

HMBIA report video 2017


HMBIA News Summary ◆ June 2020


IN THIS EPISODE: 0:40 Ending of quarantine and cancelation of tournaments 2:15 The charity event Warrior's Blood Social Action in Brazil 3:30 Thanks-to-lockdown revelation of the HMB athletes new talents 5:40 Introduction of Belt Numbers 6:50 Rescheduling of the Authenticity Committee requirements 7:30 Introduction of the possible Battle of the Nations 2021 venues 12:50 Battle of the Nations Total Recall. Live streams with the HMB sport legends and Virtual Fan Challenge FOLLOW US: ON FACEBOOK HMBIA: 🤍 Battle of the Nations: 🤍 Buhurt League: 🤍 ON INSTAGRAM: Battle of the Nations: 🤍 Buhurt League: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Mail: office🤍

Czech Republic and Slovakia National Team. Battle of the Nations


Czech Republic and Slovakia National Team. Battle of the Nations. Captain of team Czech Republic Pepa Josif Pohl is telling: "In the Czech republic the HMB movement began to take shape in 2012 when a few of our fighters started attending tournament especially those in Austria and Germany. It was a rough time as our knowledge of the right equipment wasn't very vast. However, with the beginning of 2013 our numbers started to grow mainly thanks to the desire to participate on BOTN 2013, and the effort to achieve the best results possible along with contribution of three of our Slovak colleagues helped us to form 2 teams for 5vs5 category and 3 triathlon fighters. Our first competition fight on BOTN 2013 didn't go so well for our team 1, as we fought against a strong UK1. That was a disappointment. However, it is in our Czech nature, that a failure right at the beginning motivates us to really step into it and we managed to win next two fights against Italy and Argentina. The path of team Czech republic 2 was yet more troublesome. They were the only team from its group who managed to beat a strong Japanese team. But unfortunately they were unable to win against Spain and Australia, so a drawing lot had to decide whether they move forward and luck was on our side. With the next fights our journey ended. Czech team 1 was beaten by a very strong German team and team 2 by Ukrainean team 2. In triathlon our fighters did well, but only one of them moved forward from the group. Now after a year of intensive training and several successful tournaments we believe our performance at BOTN 2014 will be no worse than that of last year. Our team shall have about 30 fighters and we hope to make 3 5vs5 teams, 3 triathlon combatants and also a 21vs21 team. Our goal is to get at least as far as quarter finals of at least one of the bohurt disciplines. We look forward to each one of you both in a camp and in the lists." Contact info: Facebook page of team Czech republic: 🤍 Captain Pepa Josif Pohl: Facebook account: 🤍 Email:🤍 Captain of Slovakia Team is telling: "The first thoughts to form a HMB national team were formed shortly after the visit of the spectacular "Battle of the Nations" 2012 event in Warsaw, Poland. Unfortunately, we managed to prepare only 3 fighters, who were ready to compete at BotN 2013, and therefore we were kindly admited by our brothers from Team Czech Republic to fight at their side. We had our fighter in the 1vs1 category and our 3 fighters supported the Czech team 2 in the nomination 5vs5. Nowadays we are convinced, that it could be possible, to build an independent Slovak National Team for "Battle of the Nations" 2014 and to compete in the nominations 1vs1 and 5vs5. We are training hard and we try to promote this new sport, that we love, via presentations and tournaments to the public and to attract more fighters. This will be, however, a long distance run, but we are not going to surrender. „Believe in Your dreams and they will come true!" Contact info: Email : botnsvk🤍 Facebook : 🤍

HMBIA News Summary ◆ November 2020


All HMBIA plans and ideas on the HMB sport development that were announced and discussed at the annual General Assembly which was held online for the first time in 10 years. Timecodes ↓↓↓ IN THIS EPISODE: 1:35 New format of the online General Assembly - zoom them all 3:10 HMB development in numbers - who and how many 4:20 Tournament Committee plans - educational courses and Duel League 5:15 All Battle of the Nations 2021 categories - divisions, new categories 7:50 Battle of the Nations 2021 registration and draw 8:30 Authenticity Committee structure and council 9:15 Authenticity Committee Q&A group - new way of interaction 10:15 New Authenticity documents in progress 10:45 Implementation of the gauntlets regulations - postponed with some exceptions 11:25 Marshals Committee - impressive numbers 12:13 Changes in the rules for Sword and Shield category 12:36 Full Plate Harness category 13:08 Buhurt League - flagship tournament and season prolongation 14:35 What is HMB Academy? 16:20 HMB instructor certification 17:27 Int rigths - how to use HMBIA video content 18:05 Battle of the Nations on TV 18:55 Press accreditation for Battle of the Nations 2021 19:45 HMB Women - development and future plans 21:40 New Communication Commitee - conference leaders and bonus system 24:05 BotN 2021 venue details 24:55 How many kings were buried here and why America was discovered thanks to Oradea. 27:40 Main arena - lists and rest area 28:25 What about a historical camp? 29:16 Extra options for those who prefer comfort 29:40 Covid19 precautions FOLLOW US: ON FACEBOOK HMBIA: 🤍 Battle of the Nations: 🤍 Buhurt League: 🤍 ON INSTAGRAM: Battle of the Nations: 🤍 Buhurt League: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Mail: office🤍

Suzume opens HMBIA


When you watch video about "that modern knights" first time... Subscribe to Max Jun channel, he`s got some content: 🤍 Group of HMBR, used some frames from this public: 🤍 These chinese guys are just amazing, used some their frames: 🤍

HMBIA Rating System


HMBIA Rating System HMBIA has launched a new rating system for HMB fighters and teams. It is based on the Elo rating system adapted to HMB features. Innovation touches "1vs1", "5vs5" and "21vs21" categories. This system is as objective as possible for the HMB-sport because it uses a method of calculating the relative strength of the participants. In addition, the rating is calculated depending on the following factors: 1. The class of the tournament 2. The category 3. The region of the tournament: - Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle Asia; - Central and Western Europe; - North America; - South America; - Australia and Oceania. Every new fighter and team registered in HMB Rating System obtains start rating. Fighters and teams have opportunity to improve their start rating by participating in HMB Rating Tournaments. Every HMB Rating Tournament necessarily placed on the International HMB Tournaments Calendar & Map which is available by the link: The fighter's and team's rating updates after each fight at HMB Rating Tournament. Rating is calculated during tournament permanently, battle by battle. The factors taken into consideration in the rating calculation are as follows: 1. The current ratings of participants. 2. The score difference of the battle. 3. The class of the tournament. 4. The expected result of the battle. 5. The result of the battle. Fighters and teams have to participate in top-class HMB Tournaments and fight against good competitors to maintain their high rating. Moreover, it should be done regularly. A new HMB Rating System eliminates ability to dramatically boost fighter’s and team’s ratings due to beating a couple of dozen "sandbags". Most experienced countries in HMB have already joined A New HMB Rating System. Join A New Rating System and become the Best!

Denmark National Team. Battle of the Nations


Denmark National Team. Battle of the Nations.

HMBIA News Summary ◆ May 2020


With this video we’re glad to present you the new way of the HMBIA news summary with a presentation of the upcoming events, tournaments, seminars, important changes and all the freshest official statements collected through one short video. Portuguese subtitles available! In this episode: - #stayhomeandtrain The way the virus impacts our lives. - HMBIA events. Knights and Legends - the hardest hit. - Arnold Sports South America. We'll be back. - Battle of the Nations Total Recall. - BotN Host City Race. - Websites launching: - the updated version of the Battle of the Nations website - a new official HMBIA resource uniting all brands important news within one source. Please, note! We opened the websites but continue testing and working on them. As soon as we're sure that the updated version works well, we'll change it back to the domain.

This is Historical Medieval Battle sport


What is HMB? It's a history! It is the Middle Ages! It is battles! It is sport! Does everyone know what is HMB? Let's tell everyone! Your repost will help in this! ;) Find out more information about HMB:

HMBIA Report on Activities 2016


Dear friends, fighters and participants of HMB tradition, "Battle of the Nations"-217 is coming soon and we wanted, while waiting in excitement on the biggest event in our wonderful sport, to reminisce about the passing year, about main events of the year and analyze our achievements.

Battle Of The Nations 2018 - UK vs HMBIA RED 21vs21 fight


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GERMANY v ENGLAND in 5 v 5 team Medieval Combat during IMCF World Championship in Scotland 2018


Germany v England in the early rounds of the 5 v 5 battles at Scone Palace in Scotland during the IMCF (International Medieval Combat Federation) World Championships in 2018. This is the sport of full-contact medieval armoured combat with weapons and after 3 rounds was a win for Germany.

Belarus National Team. Battle of the Nations


Belarus National Team. Battle of the Nations Team Belarus on HMB was formed in 2009 to take part in the first World Championship "Battle of the Nations" - 2010. Ivan Kravtsevich was team's captain for 4 years. Currently, the captain is Yevgeny Baranov. The team consisted of 24-35 men (at different times). Within the period the World Championship "Battle of the Nations" has taken place Team Belarus regularly entered the semifinals and finals of the "5 vs 5" and "21 vs 21" categories, and got prize-winning places in the "21 vs 21" category. HMBIA and "Battle of the Nations" project have influenced the development of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages and medieval full-contact battles a lot. The active worldwide work of HMBIA aimed at the promotion and development of historical medieval battle gives us hope that soon we will have not just a hobby, but an official new sport. HMB combines a huge number of directions for development and self-fulfillment, and we hope more and more people will practise this sport every year, battles will become more dynamic and exciting, appearance and level of material culture reconstruction will allow us to observe truly authentic medieval battles.

BOTN 2018 HMBIA Green 21v21


BOTN 2018 Live stream footage of HMBIA Green in 21v21 Category. Note, there were multiple issues with live feed audio and video during this broadcast, I have matched up the audio as best I can. Credit to Battle of the Nations for the live stream footage, main list, day 1.

Banned Mongol Helmet, HMBIA AC Rules


#Mongol #Helmets #HMB The Historic Medieval Battle International Association ( HMBIA ) has published their rules regulating Mongol Helmets, and Eastern Mongolian Armor. These appear to go into enforcement for 2021 Battle of the Nations ( BOTN ). This episode focuses on my helm, which is draped, has chain mail, a baseball style visor and a padded aventail, and my plan to use it for something special in the SCA. Wear a Rugby Helmet under your steel helm: 🤍 My recent longsword duels: 🤍 My critique of those duels: 🤍 Music: Kevin Macleod - Achaidh Cheide 🤍

Poland National Team. Battle of the Nations


Poland National Team. Battle of the Nations. National Team of Poland is one of the oldest teams. They have participated in every "Battle of the Nations" since 2010, fighting in all the nominations. Hubert Filipiak is the captain of the Team from the very beginning. In Poland there are about 160 people practising HMB, the elimination tournaments for national team are organized constantly. Elimination process consists of 6 tournaments during winter time, plus two national trainings during winter period. The Team is growing permanently, on first two "Battle of the Nations" Poland team consisted of about 40 people, in 2012 when Poland was hosting the BotN they had full, 50 people team, in 2013 they had 48 participants. The achievements: Single fighters from Poland are one of the strongest in the world. 2012 - second place in "1 vs 1" nomination for Marcin Waszkielis, 2013 third place in "1 vs 1" nomination for Krzysztof Szatecki. In "5 vs 5" nomination Poland has strong teams, as captain Hubert Filipiak says "we had never managed to get into final four, but it is a bad luck more then lack of skills." In "21 vs 21" nomination Poland is on the third/fourth place in the world. The exception is 2013 when Poland National Team got the 5th place in "21 vs 21" nomination. Captain Hubert Filipiak: "We are working very hard, improving our fighting skills, and every year we have proggress. HMB is for us professional competition, and development of the new sport, which all of us want to make more known all over the world hoping one day we'll make it possible to live in Poland just from fighting in medieval armors". For those who are ready to join Team Poland: Captain Hubert Filipiak: 🤍 Poland National Association website: 🤍, mail: pswr🤍

Finland vs. HMBIA Mixed Team, women 5 vs. 5, Buhurt Fight


Finland participated in the Battle of the Nations in Santa Severa Italy 2018 This is a women 5 versus 5 quarter final fight between Finland and HMBIA Mixed Team Excerpt from Battle of the Nations live stream Check the Battle of the Nations channel for more awesome buhurt fights! 🤍 Intro music: Pixelsphere by Alex Smith

Medieval Full contact : Finale Tournoi du FAUCON NOIR


Soutiens GONG sur Tipeee : 🤍 et FB : 🤍 Finale de fines lames ! : à l'épée longue entre l'Anglais Lukas Kowal et l'Espagnol Terron au tournoi du Faucon noir. Un duel "hot" en couleurs d'un nouveau sport qui tabasse ! Au choix, appelez-ça Béhourd, Medieval Full Contact ou HMB (Historical Medieval Battle). GONG - Gi Or No Gi Produit et réalisé par Fred Rousseau N'hésitez pas nous encourager en vous abonnant sur notre chaîne YouTube Merci à la Fédération Française de Béhourd 🤍 Forteresse de Montbazon - Les métiers du moyen-âge 🤍

New Zealand National Team. Battle of the Nations


New Zealand National Team. Battle of the Nations. Team New Zealand first established in the end of 2010. At present team is small. Form the HMB regional clubs all over the country. With the help of Team New Zealand regional HMB "Clubs" have been recently formed. Right now managers of the team are currently working on hosting a "Southern Marshal's Summit". The greatest achievement of the team is the successful participation the "The Battle of the Nations" 2013. Now team preparing for the "Battle of the Nations" 2014. The captain of the Team New Zealand is Dave Smith, a long time enactor and proponent of steel weapon combat in New Zealand. We are currently working on hosting a "Southern Marshal's Summit" in November 2013. Also a large public event at the end of October in Auckland will be held. "Our country's participation in the festival has shown us all just how much we as a team have to learn, and how much effort is required to ensure the continued development of this wonderful sport in our lands, we will be back, hails!" Contact information: Charlie Tapsell: E-mail: charlie.tapsell🤍 Tel.: 006475702445 NZ National Team Facebook page: 🤍 The website of the Team NZ: 🤍

HMBIA Says, No Rust! BOTN Little Known Rule


#HMB #BOTN #Rust Welcome to Battle Banter, where we discuss topics of the fighting world! I mean, would you show up to an event looking like a rust bucket? But still, the rules from the HMBIA regarding events (such as Battle Of The Nations), are pretty strict when it comes to armor and weapon surfaces. Let's take a look at the HMB Rule Book. You want to be nice and clean for buhurt? I also did a test on how much metal we remove during an armor polishing job, and what I recommend we do for typical maintenance between those times we want to look spotless to preserve the life of our plates. This is not just for Armored Combat, but anyone like SCA or HEMA where you have steel plating.

HMB International Association: How it Works


Historical Medieval Battle International Association (HMBIA) has been established several years ago and was officially registered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein in 2012. The main aims of the HMBIA is: - to develop and promote HMB worldwide; - to organize great HMB events for participants from all countries, for all fighters who like HMB; - to make every word from our Missions come true; - to show people via HMB how valuable peace and love are; - to give a possibility to everyone who loves HMB to develop, participate, be involved and be promoted. We respect and appreciate every club, association, fighter and every person who has entered the list at least once and challenged HMB! We welcome you to join us and influence the decision making process of the HMBIA. You can work in the Committees or national representative offices and: - influence decisions taken concerning the World Championship and sport development; - participate in the PR campaigns all over the world; - become a star of TV show as HMB fighter; - get a unique chance of support from HMBIA; - vote as a member of the Advisory Board in the future; - develop your carreer to Vice President or President. We invite you to join the HMBIA, bring your ideas and make them real. Together we will be able to do more HMB events worldwide within the framework of HMB cultural and sport movement! If you have any questions or want to work in the HMBIA committees or national representative offices call us at phone: 41 799 047 344 Or write us at office🤍 Let's make HMB a global well-known movement with mass-audience attention! Best regards, HMBIA Team

Edouard Eme Live (Eng) - HMBIA President, Fédération Française de Béhourd President


Edouard Eme 🤍 HMBIA President, Fédération Française de Béhourd President Team: Martel. France Ivan Koryagin 🤍 will ask questions mostly about France and French HMB part. OFFICIAL WEBSITE - 🤍 BUHURT PRIME - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 ВКОНТАКТЕ - 🤍 #HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #Live

Битва Наций 2018 3мая 21vs21 5fiht HMBIA Red vs Poland Сборка


Lity Taler - Folk Medieval Music Band Чемпионат мира «Битва Наций 2018» состоялся 3-6 мая в стенах настоящего средневекового итальянского замка - "Санта-Севера".

Битва Наций 2018 3мая 21vs21 7fiht HMBIA Green vs HMBIA Red Сборка


Lity Taler - Folk Medieval Music Band Чемпионат мира «Битва Наций 2018» состоялся 3-6 мая в стенах настоящего средневекового итальянского замка - "Санта-Севера".

Битва Наций 2018 6мая 21vs21 playoff 2fiht UK vs HMBIA Red 21 2camera


Чемпионат мира «Битва Наций 2018» состоялся 3-6 мая в стенах настоящего средневекового итальянского замка - "Санта-Севера".

Битва Наций 2018 6мая 21vs21 playoff 2fiht UK vs HMBIA Red 21 1camera


Чемпионат мира «Битва Наций 2018» состоялся 3-6 мая в стенах настоящего средневекового итальянского замка - "Санта-Севера".

Riga HMBIA Latvia


Битва Наций 2018 3мая 5vs5 1fiht Russia vs HMBIA Green (2-0)


Lity Taler - Folk Medieval Music Band Чемпионат мира «Битва Наций 2018» состоялся 3-6 мая в стенах настоящего средневекового итальянского замка - "Санта-Севера".

Battle of Nations 2018 4day 21х21 4fight Poland vs HMBIA Red


Девятый международный чемпионат по историческому средневековому бою «Битва Наций» состоялся с 3 по 6 мая в Италии на территории замка Санта-Севера силами организации из Санкт-Петербурга «Доблесть Веков» в рамках международного проекта «Русские Сезоны» в Италии в сотрудничестве с программой Visit Russia.

HMBIA Marshals' Summit


HMBIA Marshals' Summit Spring 2017

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